Top tips for learning a language

Guest Blog by Christine Beech of Beech Languages

The sense of achievement and the confidence that comes from speaking another language at any level cannot be underestimated. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to understand the menu easily and to be able to order confidently exactly what you want? Maybe you want to read all the information on buildings and monuments. Should you need languages for your business trips, you can be sure your international colleagues and bosses will notice that you have taken the trouble to learn their language. The question is often, where do I start?

Top Five Tips

  1. Do make use of free language learning apps which are great for vocabulary learning at a basic level
  2. Don’t be afraid to watch TV or films in your desired language even if you are a beginner- forget the act that you can’t understand every word, stick the subtitles on in the foreign language, enjoy the sound and repeat a few phrases for fun
  3. Look at websites about your own hobbies in the target language, eg. If you love football, look at football websites in the target language
  4. Use old-fashioned post-it notes to name and label everyday objects in the home and office
  5. Note 5 key words every day that are important to you or your profession and learn them

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