Small Business Saturday Comes to Knowle

Small Business Saturday came to Knowle this week to interview several small independent businesses around the village.

Many of the conversations were focused on the strong sense of business community and collaboration in Knowle, and the value of coming together to share experiences, address common challenges and to invite footfall to the centre. Knowle businesses support each other, and the day of interviews showed how much that is valued by independent businesses.

Interviews were undertaken by the Small Business Saturday team with a wide range of local businesses.

K Hulse Consulting – a 2023 Small Biz 100 business – talked about their marketing consultancy services and spent the day introducing the Small Business team to businesses in Knowle.

Becca at Cristal Boutique talked about networking with other boutiques across the country to share ideas, insights and experiences.

Swan Yard Coffee & Kitchen shared some really exciting plans for collaborations over the next 12 months and created a mouth-watering banana toast for us to sample.

Pet’s World talked about the challenges during the first few years of running the business together but also the fun they have working together as a team

Award-winning Monica’s Bakes talked about her impressive growth since opening just over a year ago, working with local businesses & plans for the future.

Tirebuck recruitment talked about their services across Warwickshire and the West Midlands and the value of small businesses using recruitment experts.

Schofield & Associates also talked about the importance of small businesses outsourcing to employment law experts to get things right for their employees and particularly before periods of growth.

Eric Lyons talked about the importance of passing on butchery skills and apprenticeships, the importance of independent businesses making each High Street that little bit different and how to support independent businesses.

Indigo Art Gallery gave us a tour and talked about Knowle’s late night shopping event on 29th November

As President of Solihull Chamber of Commerce, Eileen Schofield talked about the many benefits of joining a local Chamber of Commerce – from networking opportunities to lobbying to the value of belonging to the local business community, especially as a small business.

It was a positive day showcasing independent businesses and the value they bring to a community.

You can find all the interviews on Small Business Saturday’s Instagram account – @smallbizsatuk

A montage of photos of the Small Business Saturday team meeting Knowle small businesses
Four business people standing for a group photo in an office