We can all learn from one another

Guest Blog by Phoebe Kerr of Bright Dawn Home Care

We can always learn from one another and support each other on life’s journey.

Geese especially are great examples of this support, supporting each other in various ways to achieve their common goal. They do this in the following ways and we at Bright Dawn Home Care are following these examples by working together towards supporting and caring for you and your loved ones.


As geese fly in a V formation and as each bird flaps its wings it creates an uplift for the bird following it and each bird adds a 71% more flight range to the journey than if a bird was flying on their own.
At Bright Dawn Home Care, if we share a common direction and sense of community by working together, we can achieve our client’s goals and needs much quicker because we are travelling together and with shared synergy and vision which makes our clients journey and care experience easier.


Whenever a goose falls out of formation it starts to feel the drag and resistance of flying alone and quickly gets back into formation to gain the advantage of the bird flying in front of it.

At Bright Dawn Home Care we will work alongside you to achieve the care you require and to get to know you and your loved one and in this way we will support you to attain the care you need.


If the lead goose gets tired it will fall out of formation and fill into the V near the back, another goose will take its place to take the lead.

As people it helps to share the load or the lead position with others who are willing to assist or lead where possible. At Bright Dawn Home Care we are willing to assist families in the care of their loved ones, lightening their load, ensuring that they can spend quality time together rather than always having to lead from the front, alone.


Geese at the back of the formation honk from behind to encourage the geese in the front to keep up their speed.

At Bright Dawn Home Care we always encourage our care staff to develop themselves in their career. We also support our clients and their families by encouraging independence and supporting interests and hobbies. Encouragement is a strong motivator we can always honk from behind.

Lastly and most importantly, if one goose gets ill it leaves the formation and flies down to earth. Two geese leave the formation and accompany the sick goose to the ground and remain with the goose until it gets better. The geese then fly back to join the original group or attach themselves to a new group.
At Bright Dawn Home Care, we will support our clients through their journey whether temporarily offering respite care until well again or supporting someone to the end of their journey. We stand by each other

Geese as an emblem for Bright Dawn Care Home

Geese are Bright Dawn Home Care’s emblem as their community and supportive nature embodies our ethos of working tighter for the common good of all those we support on their care journey.

To assist each other and our clients and understand the wisdom of working together with family and other sectors. Working together allows for a more efficient, safer care service which is more likely to achieve the goals of a quality service. We believe that looking after each other especially the sick or the lonely, we are able to support our clients to cope with hardships and the storms of life.

Geese are flying in a v formation against a grey cloudy sky.