Championing Mental Health Awareness

Guest Blog by Lisa Browning of Midlands Stress Management

Midlands Stress Management is dedicated to championing mental health awareness and nurturing a welcoming, inclusive community. Our aim is to break the stigma and cultivate environments filled with empathy, openness, and understanding. Mental Health Awareness Week provides a vital opportunity for us to spotlight the significance of mental wellbeing in both our personal and professional lives.

Midlands Stress Management has created a fabulous wellbeing calendar for you to explore, bursting with activities from staying active to indulging in self-care rituals and spreading kindness to others.

A calendar packed with ideas on how to support your mental health

Here’s how you can get involved

  • Share your favourite self-care routines or acts of kindness with us! 
  • Let us know which activities from the calendar you’ve incorporated into your week or plan to try out. 
  • Share a daily affirmation or uplifting message to brighten someone’s day. 
  •  Spread the love by tagging a friend who brings joy to your life or has been a source of support during challenging times. 

Remember, it’s absolutely normal to not feel okay sometimes, and reaching out for support is a courageous step. 

Together, let’s cultivate an environment where everyone feels heard, valued, and embraced. Your mental health matters, and you’re never alone on this journey. 

Should you wish to speak to someone in confidence, please reach out to Lisa for a free initial consultation:

Lisa Browning, owner of Midlands Stress Management is outdoors with an arm resting on a fence or gate. Shes looking happily to her left with a smile on her face and the wind gently catching her hair.